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Suzanne Ferree

Bellevue, NE
United States

If you don't know already, Safari was the name of my made-up character over at the now-defunct TF1 MUSH. My Future directory over at Grex has gotten too big & doesn't allow pictures, so here I am at Tripod. I'll still keep my Grex page, but I'm not going to mirror it here. I'm going to update & maintain both pages in addition to my usual Transformer Fanfic List maintenence.

For a list of all the TFs in the picture above (FYI, Edge--the one who's a tablesaw in the above picture, is one of my made-up TF characters) visit my Grex page (the link is below).

Disclaimer: as I've done in the past, the items & pictures here are just for fun (and for "educational purposes" of certain unsung TFs) and not meant to insult or infringe on Hasbro/Kenner/Takara's/ and/or whoever else's Transformer copyrights. Except where specifically mentioned that I made up such-and-such TF, those companies have the copywrites to the characters & to the term "Transformers."

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Fanfic Indexes for Unsung Characters

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