Yoshi Money Pictures in Progress

For Purple_Beard

|sf>(10/01/07 update) With addition of Super Mario World: The Lost Levels and Sin and Punishment for VC, two additional amounts were added. I was inspired to make some modifications. First, I changed Yoshi to the ten dollar bill, as you requested. I also modified the 6 digits on the six dollar bill to improve their looks. Next, I modifed all the bills to replace the word "Federal" at the top with "Virtual." Then, I decided that Luigi should probably be the six dollar, since a five is so close to a six (and you said you wanted Mario for the five). I haven't finished with Luigi (and his still has blue, which should go), but it's a start and it gives you an idea of what I'm thinking.
(01/07/08 update) I selected the backdrop on area on Yoshi10, tried to solidify his coloring, took a portion of the traditional background for a bill, teslated that section into something that could become a backdrop, saved a lot of back-up images, and uploaded the result. Personally, I think that Yoshi's hand doesn't show up too well. Tell me what you think, PB.

Experiment 5-1-g, (uploaded 8/23/07)

Experiment 5-h, (uploaded 9/7/07)

Experiment 5-j, (uploaded 9/20/07)

Experiment Yoshi 10-a, (upload 10/01/07)

Experiment Yoshi 10-b, (upload 01/07/08)

Experiment Yoshi 10-c, (upload 01/07/08)

Experiment Bonk 5-1-F, (uploaded 9/4/07)

Experiment Bonk 6-G, (uploaded 9/4/07)

Experiment Bonk 6-H, (uploaded 9/20/07)

Experiment Bonk 6-I, (uploaded 10/01/07>

Experiment Link 10-B, (updated 10/01/07)

Experiment Luigi 6-B, (uploaded 10/01/07>

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