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Hi Suzanne. If it's OK I'd like to have this TF fanfic I've done put on your web page:)<= /DIV>


Far out in deep space, inside a Decepticon ship Galvatron sat silently as is troops were travelling through space looking for energy sources. A purple looking robot with horns on his head looked up at Galvatron.

" We are approaching the planet Arus now mighty Galvatron" he said.

"Excellent Cyclonus, take Scourge and a group of sweeps to scout the area. Report to me everything you find" Galvatron said.

"Yes mighty Galvatron" Cyclonus replied. " Scourge" Cyclonus looked over to another Decepticon with long clawed fingernails and jagged wings attached to his back.

"Yes Cyclonus Scourge hissed.

"Take the sweeps to the launching bay immediately, we will be the first to go to this new planet" Cyclonus ordered.

"As you command " Scourge answered. " Sweeps to the launching bay" Scourge commanded.

Immediately a group of blue Decepticons that looked identically like Scourge stood up and followed him out of the control room.

"Will there be anything else mighty Galvatron" Cyclonus asked.

"No, Cyclonus. You have your orders move."

Silently, Cyclonus made his out of the room to follow Scourge.

They waited patiently as the launching bay opened.

"Decepticons TRANSFORM" Cyclonus ordered as he transformed into his sleek jet mode while Scourge and the sweeps transformed into strange sort of hover ship . They gunned their thrusters and sped off to the planet below.

On the surface of Arus deep inside the Castle of Lions in the main control room the Commander of the Voltron force Keith sat at a computer console. he was monitoring the planet to see if there were any signs of his nemesis King Zarcon of the planet Doom. All data indicated that the people of Arus were in no danger of an attack. All was quiet on the planet.

"A little too quiet" Keith thought as he continued on with his work. Suddenly there was an alarm went off and echoed throughout the whole control room. Keith instinctively looked up at the Tele - scanner, a large screen on the wall opposite of him. It monitored planet Arus's air space for intruders.

"Maybe Zarcon will attack after all" He thought.

He switched on his comm-link" Voltron force this is an emergency report to the control room immediately" he said.

Within moments, four other men appeared and sat down at large metallic table.

"OK Keith what's the situation." A tall man, dressed completely in blue with slick black hair asked.

"The tele - scanner has picked up a group of airships heading this way Sven " Keith answered.

" King Zarcon must be at it again" Lance said. "How many times do we have to kick his tail before he gives up" Lance thought.

" We better go check it out then" Pidge said

"Yeah! We'll show Zarcon what happens when he messes with the Voltron force" Hunk replied.

"Affirmative" Keith said. "We'll take Voltron and investigate. Let's move team" Keith ordered.

The five leapt out of their seats and raced to a large elevator-like device. There was a one for each of them. They leapt into a chamber and each of them grabbed a pair of mettalic hi - tech devices that looked similary like earthen handlebars. Then they started their descent gaining speed as they went down further into a large, dark tunnel. Suddenly it stopped and the five landed in a white vehicle. It broke apart and the five sped off in different directions. Sven's vehicle was under the lake when it stopped. A glass tunnel came down in the cockpit and lifted Sven up into a large, blue lion - like robot. He inserted the special key into the computer and the giant metallic beast roared to life and leapt out of the lake and raced away. The same happened to the other four members of the team. Hunk controlled the yellow lion as it raced through the desert. Lance guided the red lion out of the lava. Pidge was in command of the green lion while it awoke in the forest and finally Keith controlled the mighty black lion on the statue high atop the lion monument outside the castle.

Before long the five robotic lions met up with each other and were travelling toward the disturbance.

"Scourge report" Cyclonus demanded. They had landed on the planet moments ago and were now scanning the area.

"This planet is teeming with life and natural resources that can easily be converted into energon." He answered.

"Excellent Scourge." Cyclonus switched on his radio link to Galvatron.

"Cyclonus to Galvatron" He said into the radio.

Meanwhile on the Decepticon ship just outside of planet Arus Galvatron answered.

"Report Cyclonus"

"We have found rich resources on this planet which can be used for energon. Mighty Galvatron" Cyclonus answered.

"Good work Cyclonus. Begin collecting materials immediately I will join you shortly. "Galvatron out"

He quickly snapped the radio off.

"Astrotrain proceed to the launching bay and transform you will take me and the Predacons down to meet with Cyclonus."

"Yes sir" he replied briefly and walked away.

"Soundwave, stay here and monitor our situation and tell the Constructicons to have the energon converter ready" Galvatron ordered.

"As you command Galvatron" he answered.

Galvatron then left with the Predacons and proceeded to the launching bay.

"Astrotrain transform." Galvatron commanded.

Astrotrain being a triple - changer quickly transformed into his shuttle mode . Galvatron and the Predacons boarded Astrotrain and they left.

It didn't take long before Astrotrain found Cyclonus. He landed, waited until Galvatron and the Predacons were out then transformed back into his robot form.Cyclonus walked over to Galvatron.

"Mighty Galvatron we have collected the supplies needed and are ready for it to be transported back to the flagship" Cyclonus said.

"Good work Cyclo --"

Galvatron was interuppted as a beam of energy shot over them and hit a sweep in the chest completely obliterating it. Galvatron and the Decepticons spun around and faced the five large lion ships.

Inside the black lion Keith switched on his comm-link to the loud speakers.

"Identify Yourselves" Keith shouted. His voice echoed throughout the whole area."Surrender Now" he continued.

Below the black lion Galvatron stood up.

"I am Galvatron leader of all Decepticons and I surrender for NO - ONE, DECEPTICONS ATTACK !" He shouted as he transformed into his cannon mode aimed at the black lion and unleashed a powerful energy blast.He quickly transformed back into a robot and stared in disbelief. The black lion was completely unharmed there was not even a scratch on it.

Galvatron looked around to see his troops battling the other 4 robot lions to without any effect as well.

Inside the red lion Lance spoke over the comm - link

"Man, these guys don't stand a chance against us. Let's just finish them off and go home."

"No Lance that's not our way. They're attacking us not Arus. We should just scare them away" Keith said.

"And what better way to do it then you - know- who" Pidge exclaimed.

"That's right!Team prepare to form Voltron." Keith shouted.

Instantly the five lions leapt up high into the air.

"What are they doing Galvatron" Scourge hissed.

"They're retreating. COWARDS!" Galvatron shouted up to the sky.

Galvatron then took control of the situation.

"Astro Train transform.Sweeps start loading the materials inside him. Cyclonus I'll need transport back to the flagship.

"It will be an honour mighty Galvatron"Cyclonus replied.

"You have your orders troops now move"Galvatron ordered.

The Decepticons didn't take long until they were finished and were about to leave when a bright flash of light ripped across the sky. Blinding the Decepticons then suddenly the light vanished. The Decepticons looked up to see a giant, colourful robot with a mighty blazing sword in it's hand.

"What is that?" Scourge asked.

"It appears as if the robot lions can combine into a super robot much the same way as our gestalt groups can"Cyclonus said observantly."

Voltron gripped the blazing sword raising it high then brought it down slaming it into the ground,narrowly missing the Decepticons.

"We don't stand a chance" Scourge said.

"Wrong Scourge the Predacons do." Galvatron said "Predacons you will buy us some time to get out out here.We’ll monitor you and wait for you in the flagship. Now move."

Acting quickly Galvatron, Cyclonus, Astrotrain, Scourge and the sweeps transformed and flew away.The Predacons waited until they had disappeared from sight then turned around to face Voltron.

"Predacons TRANSFORM" Razorclaw ordered transforming into a lion. Rampage transformed into a tiger. Divebomb turned into an eagle while Headstrong and Tantrum became a rhino and a buffalo.

"Unite to become Predaking" he continued.

The five orange, black and yellow animals merged to become one large robot that turned to face Voltron

"Voltron, face Predaking to the END!" the new robot challenged as it reached over it’s back and withdrew a long powerful sword that glared under Arus’s hot sun. Voltron turned around raised his sword and charged at Predaking . Instinctively Predaking raised his sword and charged as well. The two blows were like a thunderclap when they connected which sent both warriors falling back. Predaking quickly regained his footing, jumped up into the air and came down on Voltron in a devastating fly kick maneuver that sent Voltron smashing into the ground. Voltron tried to get up as Predaking raised his sword and with one swift blow cut Voltron deeply across the chest. The mighty robot fell face down and did not move again.Predaking, about to deliver the final fatal blow when Galvatron’s voice came over his radio

"Predaking"Galvatron said.

"Yes Galvatron" he answered.

"We’re leaving get up here now" he commanded.

"I’m on my way Predaking out." He turned the radio off and turned back to Voltron. Predaking bent down, picked up Voltron and pulled him close enough just to hear the sound no louder than a squeak.

"We’ll finish this some other time" Predaking whispered then threw him back onto the ground and flew away.

Inside Voltron Keith sat up and looked around.

"Is everyone all right" Keith asked.

Everyone checked out fine.

"Man , who was that guy. He kicked our hide all over the place and we didn’t even get a scratch on him." Lance said.

"Yeah. I mean we’ve beaten countless Ro - beats of King Zarcon and that guy beat us like we were nothing." Hunk said.

"I don’t know " Keith replied narrowing his eyes "but I’m sure were going to meet again.But right now we’ve got to get Voltron back to base for emergency repairs. Switch to auxiliary power team. We’re leaving."

The Voltron force got the mighty robot standing again and they returned home.

Meanwhile, in space on the Decepticon flagship Predaking had just returned and despite his size walked into the control room.

Galvatron turned around

"Did you destroy that wretched robot" he demanded.

"Let’s just say that you have to worry about Voltron again." Predaking replied enjoying a silent laugh to himself.

The Decepticons plotted a course for Cybertron and rocketed away into space.


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