Gallery of Obscure Decepticons in Fanfics

Almost all the Decepticons have seen the golden statues of old Decepticon rulers overseeing the new official Decepticon leaders as they are crowned. Many others have visited the hall of Decepticon heroes, the final resting place for the greatest fighters of the ranks.

However, far from the beaten path, deeper within Cybertron lies a much lesser-known tribute to some Decepticons who for whatever reason (It might be that they still live, that they're of a lower rank, that they're lesser known, etc.) didn't receive an entry in the hall of heroes.

Welcome to the virtual representation of this Gallery of Obscure Decepticons. Instead of accumulating statues like the other centers, this one possesses a picture and a listing of noteworthy mission logs that they participated within. In addition, each wall attempts to match the color scheme of its cooresponding target.

  • Chopshop, the Deluxe Insection beetle thief
  • Mindwipe, the Headmaster bat hypnotist
  • Squawktalk, the ever-talking bird cassette

  • Flamethrower, a fan character (These are her stats as seen on the Decepticon Dominion MUSH.)

    Other Similiar Characters in Fanfic Tribute Galleries

    (These individuals might not be obscure.)

  • Bludgeon

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