Hive of Transformer MUSH Maps

Through the years I've played Transformer characters at a few MUSHes. On most of those MUSHes I've drawn maps of the various rooms to which my character had access. Some of the locations from those maps have been rearranged and other locations (as well as some MUSHes) no longer exist.

Eventually, I plan on uploading maps from the original TF MUSH, the Decepticon Refuge from TooMushIV (both from 1995), and perhaps my out-of-date version of the Decepticon Dominion map.

Decepticon Dominion Maps

These are probably what you came for. I play Flamethrower at Decepticon Dominion and far too many players become lost on there. I usually tell people that the overland layout for the MUSH is extremely easy to remember, especially on a color coded map.

Since so many people haven't listened to me, I've decided to upload my color-coded maps of Cybertron's overland areas (ie. a planetary map) as well as my addional color-coded city map showing five of the city room layouts (Polyhex, Valckasta, Tyrian, Tarn, and Vos Hinterland). I hope these maps will speed up players' abilities to reach the popular plantary locations.

Planet Map
City Map 1

Decepticon Refuge at TooMushIV

This is one of the locations that no longer exists (although last I checked, TooMush had changed its version number, so TooMush might still exist.). It was a place that an individual talked me into joining in an effort to talk about the Transformers 2005 Mush (before it had existed). After the original TFMush first went down, part of this place became an OOC hangout for many people from that place--although only certain individuals had access to the private quarters.

It was also the first place where I ever built rooms--I built Flamethrower's Fire Pit, as well as the Torture Chamber. After my experiences on 2005, I decided to erase connections to torture from Flamethrower's statistics.

I also have screen captures of the descriptions from those two rooms (For some odd reason, I have a far more emotional attachment to the rooms of TooMushIV than I do 2005. Perhaps it was because I never mapped Cybertron on 2005.).


Original Transformers MUSH Maps

Recently, I've heard that there's a newer MUSH that's called itself the Transformers MUSH. As far as I know, that newer one is not connected to the older one. These maps came from the first Transformers MUSH, which I joined in 1994 and played as my character Safari.

However, these maps are not of the original layout of the MUSH. I've misplaced my original layout map for Earth. Instead, these are redrawings of the map for the second layout of Earth. If I ever find the original map again, I'll scan it and include it with this collection

Soon after I drew the second layout map versions, my character was reassigned to Cybertron, so I wasn't able to double check the accuracy of the maps. It's very possible that these maps contain some errors. Furthermore, my character was a land-based Autobot, so my map didn't include many of the ocean tiles or other Decepticon rooms. I also didn't get around to properly mapping the California and Nevada rooms. Still, these maps do show a large number of the rooms and I hope they bring back fond memories to those who used to inhabit that MUSH.

Japan, Russia, Alaska, Canada, and Washington

Washington, Oregon

Autobot Headquarters and Astoria

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