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I really hope I did this right, as I said before, I'm not that good with
computers.  I don't have AOL 4.0, but 3.0, I hope that doesn't change
anything.  If I did something wrong,  which I do a lot, tell me and I will try
to fix the problem (notice the word "try") :)

C-ya later


Part One

Please read the following
*****Yes this is a Transformer Fanfic, it is a human interaction. It doesn't take place in any particular time period (IE: the movie, the show, etc) I know it doesn't start out with the Transformers but they are coming, trust me. This is my first fanfic so please don't be too harsh! I modeled Silvaria after the person who I want to be, in my dreams :) well enjoy!*****

	"Silvaria!!  It's time to get up!" the lump under the blankets moved slightly and
 emitted a slight groan.  "Come on!  You're going to be late!!"
	"Ok, ok I'm coming, I'm coming.  Geeze, talk about a wake up call," suddenly the
 blankets were thrown off and the girl emerged from under them, "Who needs an alarm
 clock when you live with a mother like that."  Slowly, making it obvious that she wanted
 to be back asleep, Silvaria swung her legs over the side of the bed and hopped out.  She
 went over the her closet and quickly scanned its contents.  "Man, I need to go shopping."
 but she reached forth and drew out a pair of jeans and a black shirt.  She quickly brushed
 her short, boy-cut, hair, and put on her clothes.
	Silvaria was a pretty girl with short dirty-blonde hair.  She was a normal teen in
 most aspects.  She was a junior in high school and got all A's and B's in her classes.  She
 wasn't seeing anyone though, she didn't feel the need.  There were two things that set her
 apart from others.  One, she had silver eyes, hence her name, they complimented her
 face, but they made people thing strangely of her.  And two, she had the strange ability to
 move things with out touching them, she was one of the few people who had telekinetic
	She peeked through another door and saw that her sister, Kelly, was still asleep.
 Kelly was back from collage and needed her sleep so Sil whispered, "Bye" and went back
 into her room.  Then she turned she glanced at her clock.
	"OH MY GOD!!"  echoed through the whole house, Mrs. Nogard smiled when
 she heard the sound of feet pounding down the stairs.
	"Hi, honey.  Did you sleep well?" she asked as her sixteen year old daughter
 rushed past her and stuck her head into the cupboard.
	"Mom, why didn't you tell me it was Saturday?!" she asked from out of the
	"Because, you should have known that today was the presentation at the plant
 with Dr. Reignheart on RMT" she smiled as Sil came out with a Granola bar in her hand. 
 Sil gave her a cynical look.
	"Mom, do you even know what RMT means?" the woman shook her head, "It
 means 'Robotic Mechanical Technology' Mom, can I take the bike, it will be much
 Mrs. Nogard thought for a moment, then nodded.
	"Alright, but be careful." she said as Silvaria attempted to pass her to go out the
 door, her mother grabbed her arm and gave her a quick kiss on the head.  Sil squirmed
 out of her mother's embrace and sprinted out the door.  Mrs. Nogard smiled and shook
 her head, and though 'What would I do without you to keep me on my toes.  What would
 you do with out me.' as she watched her daughter ride away on the motorbike.


	"We will attack here and take the energy, which they have plenty of at the plant."
 said Megatron, the leader of the evil robot team the Decepticons.  He was pointing to a
 spot on a map.  Around him stood two others, Starscream and Soundwave.  They were
 inside the Decepticon base, planning for another attempt to gather energy, this time they
 were going after a Mechanical Engineering Plant.
	"Once we have gathered the energy that is stored there, it will be enough so that
 we can go back to Cybertron and conquer it!"  Starscream said in his high pitched voice. 
 He was praising Megatron but in truth he really wanted Megatron's position, as leader of
 the Decepticons.
	"Decepticons, move out!"  Megatron called out to his troops and they obeyed
 without question.  They each transformed into their own different shape but they were
 basically all jets.  With Megatron in the lead, they took off in the direction of the
                                                               * * * *
	"Silvaria came to a quick stop at the Plant and hopped off her bike, she quickly
 unbuckled her helmet and placed that on there too, then she set security codes and ran off
 to toward the building.  She didn't notice the formation of jets in the sky that were
 coming closer.  She saw the group that she was supposed to be with up ahead and
 quickly but quietly joined in, she hoped Dr. Reignheart didn't notice, but he did.
	"Miss Nogard, nice of you to join us." he said with a sarcastic smile on his lips. 
 Silvaria nodded and smiled back.
	"Yeah, trouble on the road, majorly backed up." she said smoothly, she could
 usually talk her way out of a situation.  But Dr. Reignheartís smile faded and he said
	"Try to be on time next week."
	"Yes sir, sorry." she said with a sheepish smile on, and she shrugged her


	"Odd, that there hasn't been any Decepticon activity for a while."  a big red and
 blue robot said.
	"Maybe they finally saw that they weren't going to win and gave up.  I know its a
 long shot, Optimus but just maybe..." a slightly smaller robot said to him, this one was
 red and orange.  The big robot was Optimus Prime, the leader of the robots called the
 Autobots, these were the enemies of the Decepticons.  The other robot was Hot Rod, an
 Autobot.  He and Optimus were standing together in the entranceway of their base.
	"Maybe, Hot Rod, maybe." he said.  Just then a small yellow 'bot came running
 out toward the two, shouting.
	"Optimus!!   Optimus!!"  he shouted continuously even when he was right in front
 of them, "Opti - mphf"
 Optimus had placed two metal fingers over the little 'bot's mouth, (two fingers was all he
 needed, his hand could cover the little 'bot's entire head).
	"Calm down, Bumblebee, now _slowly_ tell me what's wrong."  he removed his
 fingers from Bumblebee's face.  Bumblebee made a sound that sounded like a big
	"Optimus, the Decepticons are on the move, they're heading for the Mechanical
 Engineering Plant.  Its the whole troop!"
	The little 'bot seemed so excited about this, Optimus would have laughed if it had
 been a different time.  He was happy it wasn't Blur who had come to tell him this.
	"Thatís just Prime.  Thank you Bumblebee.  You and Hot Rod assemble the
 Autobots in the war room."  the two robots nodded and ran off to do as their leader
 commanded.  "Guess I spoke too soon." he said to himself and he walked back into the
	As he entered the war room, he saw that his whole team was already there.  Well,
 he though, lets get this show on the road.
"As you have probably heard," he looked at Bumblebee who, if he could have blushed would be beat red, "We have a situation with the Decepticons, they are about to attack the Mechanical Engineering Plant. However, we won't let them do it. Autobots, Transform and Roll Out!"
-- **(please double-click on the play button to hear the cool transforming sound)** [WAV file 26K]
Optimus transformed along with the rest of the Autobots into their separate vehicle forms. And they sped off toward the Plant.
	Silvaria and the group she was with were being guided around the Plant, being
 shown all the different machines and tools that are made there.  Silvaria was bored, she
 made it look like she was taking down notes, but in truth she was drawing.  She loved to
 draw, or just doodle.  She was drawing a dragon right now, a Chinese one.  She loved
 dragons, they were one of her obsessions.  She didn't notice Dr. Reignheart come up to
 her and look over her shoulder until he spoke in her ear.
	"Perhaps you should go into artistry, not mechanics." she jumped and whipped
 around.  She must have turned four shades of red an she looked down at her feet.  She
 didn't like him very much, he always seemed to pick on her. 
	"I'm sorry, Dr. Reignheart."  she said sheepishly.  Dr. Reignheart was about to
 make  a retort but a scream from somewhere interrupted him.  The scream was followed
 by an explosion that knocked the group down.
	"What is _that_?!" someone next to Sil had looked up, she followed in suit.  What
 she saw made her almost go into shock.  A group of giant robots were attacking the
 plant!  Dr. Reignheart seemed to be out cold and the group was panicking.  So she
 quickly took charge of the situation.
	"Quick!  Everyone go out the fire escape!  Quickly!"  As they ran she dragged the
 doctor over toward the fire escape.  There were explosions all around her around her.  
 She was almost to the door when a fiery beam of wood came crashing down in front of
	"AAAHHH!"  she realized that she was unharmed but the beam was blocking the
 exit.  Silvaria looked around for another way out and spotted a window.  She dragged the
 doctor over to it.  Sil took up a metal bar and smashed the window.  With a lot of
 struggle she was able to lift the doctor up and out of the window, luckily the ground
 wasn't far away.
	Sil was began to follow in suit when the ceiling started to collapse, she looked up
 as a huge beam was falling down toward her.  She threw herself out the window and let
 gravity do the rest.

 End of Part One

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