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Twins and Tales

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Introduction: 02923 bytes (updated 10-15-97)
Part 1: 04271 bytes
Part 2: 06603 bytes (updated 10-15-97)
Part 3: 07165 bytes
Part 4: 10807 bytes
Part 5: 25435 bytes (NEW as of 11-8-97)
Part 6: 21714 bytes (NEW as of 08-29-99)
Part 7: 20300 bytes (NEW as of 08-30/99)

  • Twins and Tales (intro, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) by Suzanne Ferree, size of zip file: 25684 bytes

  • As you might have noticed, this is a *fairly* short Fanfic. That's because it's a script-type Fanfic where each part brakes at the end of a cliffhanger. I've only finished posting one of the tales (the return of Starscream--basically parts 1-3) and posted most of the 2nd one (the return of the females--parts 4-6). If I can finish the third "tale," (the betrayal of Flamethrower and the return of--I'm not saying who... >:) --basically parts 7-8 or 9) then I can add another of my finished stories out of the planned 4 sequels w/o ruining too much. (Mindgames is one of the four, but has only background timeline connections to this story.)

    I've finished part 8 and some of part 9, but I need comments. (There's nothing to be afraid of--it's very hard to make me mad.). One of the only ways to know that people are actually reading the parts is to have someone *admit* to having read them or for someone to give his/her opinions on them. That's why I always ask for comments. This Fanfic is an "oldie" from 1994, but I also posted the fifth part in 1997.

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