Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 17:56:27 EDT
Subject: Transformers FAN FIC

Please add by:  ShawnFett AKA Unitron

After reading some Fan Fics of Voltron VS Transformers and stuff like that I
decided to do a very large crossover.  I've decided it will be a 3 parter,
this is part 1.

Transformers VS Voltron VS GI Joe VS The Power Rangers
in a FFA match for the Universe
Part 1.

hosted by: Nick Diamond & Jonny Gomez of Celebrity Deathmatch, special referee will be Mills Lane & their will be a few guest stars

        One day the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers were battling a
group of Lord Zedd's wimpy Putties, and Goldar, a strange red beam flashed
all around them.

        "What's going on Billy?" asked Zak.
        "I don't know," replied Billy.

	Suddenly the Power Rangers disappeared, leaving the Putties & Goldar
frantically running around, wondering where their foes went.

	The Voltron Team, in Voltron mode had just finished off a Robo Beast
when a red beam hit them, Voltron immediately disappearing in a bright red

        GI Joe was battling Cobra as they usually do.  When 12 H.I.S.S.'
begin firing on the Joes, making large craters.  The GI Joes were running
around scared.
        "Come on lets get those wimpy tanks, Yo Joe!," Duke yelled out,
giving the Joe battle cry.  Duke grabbed a bazooka from a fallen trooper.  He
took aim a the middle of a H.I.S.S and fired the bazooka, fallen back a
little from the shot.  The HISS immediately exploded.  Then a strange red
beam hit in the middle of the battle, sending the Joe's and Cobra to a
unknown location.

	At a strange arena, with hovering cameras all over the place, loud
cheers are heard from a large assortment of aliens & robots of all kinds.
        "Good morning fight fans, this is Jonny Gomez."
        "And I'm Nick Diamond."
        "Here on Celebrity Deathmatch!" Gomez said excitedly, with a twinkle
in his eye.  "Today we have the Transformers, the Power Rangers, Voltron, and
GI Joe all in a free for all match for the universe.  We captured the
Transformers earlier so they couldn't conspire with our other guests.  They
will battle to the death, winner takes all.  We'll be ready as soon as our
referee, Mills Lane is here.  Well looks like he's here."
        Mills Lane walks into the middle of a very large arena, with many
doors leading to different holograms of environments.  A microphone is
dropped into his hand.
        "All right listen up, I want a nice, clean fight.  I don't want any
diplomacy involved.  Let's get it on!"  Mills Lane yells into the microphone,
with a happy look on his face.  Mills quickly runs out of the arena.
        "Our first guest is our good buddy, Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Hey
Steve, how's it going?!" Says Gomez, happy to see his good friend.
        "Very good, thank you Jonny, Nick." Replies Austin, a touch of beer
on his breath.
        "I see the fight is starting.  Now folks, were making them fight by,
threatening that their homeworlds will be destroyed if they don't fight!  I
love this job so much." Says Nick Diamond, slightly chuckling.
        "Their really falling for it too.  Hehe, this will be our best
episode yet!" Jonny says happily.

	The Autobots, Decepticons, Power Rangers, Voltron Team in their
lions, GI Joe, and Cobra are brought out into the ring.
	Lance, in Red Lion of Voltron, fires a burst of flames at Blitzwing,
sending him flying.  Lance swings his right paw, sending a Sweep flying.
        "Decepticons, attack!  Constructicons, form Devastator.  Predacons,
form Predaking!  Kill them all!" screams Galvatron, ready for a good fight,
transforming into his cannon mode.  Galvatron takes aim and fires 3 blasts at
Lance, hitting Red Lion in the left shoulder, a small amount of shrapnel
comes off of Red Lion's shoulder, a bit of black smoke popping up.  Galvatron
transforms back to robot mode, scared.
        "Haha, this will be way to easy!"  Says Lance, laughing at
Galvatron's attack.  "Ah!" Lance screams as Devastator slams his foot into
Red Lion's left side.  Red Lion rolls and slams into a wall, leaving a dent.
        "Lance!" Screams Princess Alura.  Alura in Blue Lion, takes aim at
Devastator and fires 2 missiles into his chest, knocking him flat on his
        Cyclonus transforms to Jet Mode, shooting 2 missiles into Keith's,
Black Lion, back, knocking Black Lion on its knees.
	Rodimus Prime sends a blast of lasers into Bluestreak's left wing as
he was flying through the air.  Bluestreak slams into a wall, sliding to the
	Destro fires 6 rounds from his gun into Predaking, not doing
anything.  "Our weapons are useless against them!" Yells Destro, terror in
his eyes.
	Soundwave lets out Rumble, Ravage, Ratbat, Lazerbeak, and Frenzy out
of his chest, ready for battle.  Lazerbeak sends 2 blasts from his eyes into
a Bat II, blowing it into pieces.
	Pidge, Green Lion, sends 6 claw missiles into the middle of the Cobra
army, a large explosion of weapons goes off, taking out over half of the
Cobra forces.  Killing Zartan, Serina, and the Dreadnaughts.
        Wheelie fires 3 shots off, sending Ravage flying.
        Soundwave fires 1 shot from his gun into Wheelie's back, Wheelie
hitting the ground hard.
        "Weredoomed.Itsalloverthereisnohope,nohope at all." said Blurr at
lightspeed shooting off a few shots at the Decepticons.
	The Power Rangers begin firing blasts with their laser guns, the
shots slamming into Blitzwing in tank mode, sending him rolling backwards.
        "We need to form the Megazord." says Jason the Red Ranger.
	All the Rangers call on their Zords, forming the Megazord, catching
their sword from the sky.  The Megazord runs up behind Predaking, as he is
slamming his foot on Voltron's head.  The Megazord slashes at Predaking's
back, cutting it slightly open.  Predaking falls forward screaming in pain,
energy erupting out of his cut.
        Voltron immediately shoved his blazing sword right through the middle
of the Megazord's chest.  The Megazord fell hard to the ground, blowing apart
in a series of explosions all over the Megazord, unfortunately not before the
Power Rangers go to safety.
        "Well Nick this has been a good first round, we'll post the
casualties then go to round 2." Said Jonny Gomez jumping up and down in glee
watching the show.

Round 1 Deaths:
The End of Round 1


	"Welcome back fight fans!" Yells Jonny Gomez.  "What a carnage filled
fight.  We are going to do things a little different in round 2.  We have
sent Cobra back to Earth since they are little losers.  It will be a all out
fight between Predaking and Voltron, since the Megazord was destroyed.  So
lets go!"

	Predaking and Voltron appeared on a mountainous and snowy terrain,
each of them unharmed.
	Predaking quickly stabs at the middle of Voltron's chest, followed
with a punch from his left arm.
        Voltron starts sliding down a middle, electricity exploding out of
his chest.
	Predaking slams his foot  down on Voltron's chest, trying to knock
him down the mountain.
	Voltron stuck out his left arm, shooting flames from both his hand
into Predaking's face.
	"Argh!!!!" screamed Predaking in a rage.  Predaking falls back,
sliding down the mountain, quickly grabbing on a ledge, dropping his sword,
which slides down the mountain and is lost in the darkness.
	Voltron raises his sword, about to make the finishing move when a
chunk of rock hits him in the back knocking him forward flinging him off the
mountain, Voltron stabbing his sword into the mountain hanging only by the
	Devastator, all of the Constructicons formed into one robot, grab
Predaking and pulls him up to safety.
	Several missiles and large laser blasts slam into Devastator knocking
him almost all the way through the mountain, his chest exposed to the core,
electricity and energy searing out of it.
	Tor the turtle Megazord of the Power Rangers climbs over a mountain
not far away from where Devastator, Voltron, and Predaking are.
        The Green Ranger's Dragonzord also coming over the same ridge.
	"That's correct!  Even more fighters, not exactly what we said but
even more carnage!" yells Nick Diamond over the speakers.
	Predaking quickly rips off a chunk of the mountain that is shaped
like a spike.  Predaking throws the spike at the Dragonzord, it stabbing
into its chest.
        Dragonzord gets smacked around so he's facing Tor, letting of a blast
of missiles from his fingers into Tor's neck, Tor's head being separated from
his body with a large explosion.  Both Zord's roll of the side of the
mountain causing large explosions at the bottom of the mountain.
	Voltron, in all this commotion, has got back on the mountain, his
blazing sword in his hand.  Voltron quickly slams into Predaking's left side
with shoulder, Predaking flying off the mountain, slamming into another
mountain falling slowly down the mountain, Predaking is motionless.  As
Voltron walks cautiously towards Predaking to finish him off Devastator
sticks out his foot in Voltron's way, tripping Voltron onto his stomach.
Voltron rolls over revealing his blazing sword is through his blazing gut.
	"Wonderful!  We'll make millions!  I love this job! Hehehehehehehe!"
laughs Jonny Gomez, jumping up and down in his seat."
        "That's the end of Round 2 folks!"


	"This round its Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Grimlock, and Red Ranger
vs Nick Diamond and me!" says Gomez eagerly.
        "What?!?!" Screams Diamond.
	"That's right Nick, cya after the show!"  Jonny kicks Nick down into
a ring.  Jonny then jumps in.  Red Ranger appears in the ring, no gun or
	"I want a nice clean fight, and Red Ranger, the Power will not be
helping you or its a disqualification!  Lets get it on!" yells Mills Lane.
	Red Ranger karate chops Nick on the left shoulder, roundhousing Jonny
across the face, sending them both to the ground.
	"I wont play his sick game anymore, its wrong." says Red Ranger in a
sort of noble way but it makes the crowd loudly boo.
	"Good then......That makes it easier for us you teenage punk in
tights!" yells Gomez in anger.  Gomez quickly slams his left hand into Red
Ranger's gut, grabbing his head, and flips him onto his back.
	Diamond gets onto a turnbuckle, puts his hands together, jumps and
slams his hands into Red Ranger's chest.  Suddenly Sgt. Slaughter runs into
the ring, dropkicking Gomez in the back and starts pummeling Diamond's back.
	Mills Lane quickly jumps in the ring.  "I wont allow it!" says Lane.
Mills slams his foot into the back of Slaughter's leg, then sends him flying
head first into a turnbuckle with a kick to the butt.  "Now lets continue
getting it on!"
	Red Ranger, using this time to advantage clotheslines Diamond, Gomez,
and Lane, knocking them out.  As Jason/Red Ranger is climbing out of the ring
his face is met with a hard blow from a fist, Jason is sent flying into
Slaughter.  The cameras spot the man, it's SC Steve Austin!  Austin lifts up
Diamond, Gomez, and Lane and carries them out of the ring.

  • 10 minutes later

    Jonny and Nick are back at their booth, bandaged and bruised.  "Me and Nick
    would like to thank Steve Austin for that help, when we find the guy who let
    Sgt.Slaughter out....." Jonny says coldly.
    	"Speaking of Austing there he is about to take on his opponent
    Grimlock!  I think I know who will win, you get `em Austin!  says Diamond in
    a mix of a chuckle and normal speech.
    	Grimlock steps into the ring, Austin stepping in on the opposite
    	"Now I want a nice clean.........." Mills Lane is saying, but
    Grimlock cuts him off.
    	"Me Grimlock don't like skinhead!  Me Grimlock smash and kill!"
    Grimlock immediately grabs Mills by the middle of his body with his mouth,
    and flings him across the stadium.
    	Stone Cold quickly kicks Grimlock in the knee, with no effect.
    Grimlock walks out of the ring, and starts sending a large amount of fire
    from his mouth into the crowd.  Stone Cold jumps on Grimlock's back, and
    starts slamming onto his back.   Grimlock then jumps on his back,
    unfortunately crushing Stone Cold.
    	"My God, get....oh good, CD security is on its way!" screams Diamond
    	At least 40 CD security guards with tazers and cattle prods rush
    Grimlock from all sides, sending currents of electricity at him.
    	Grimlock quickly reacts by crushing each guard with his tail.  "Me
    Grimlock no like clay people!"  Grimlock then sees Jonny flailing his arms
    in his booth and makes his way towards it.
            "Uh-oh, were dead puppets." says Diamond.
    	Grimlock sends a burst of flames into the booth, turning Gomez and
    Diamond into little pools of watery clay.  Grimlock walks to the edge of the
    stadium, smashes through it and starts walking off into the distance.
    	In a computer voice exactly like the one that says: "More that meets
    the Eye.", you can here the computer voice say: "Good fight, good night!"
            Every thing goes black.

    We are experiencing technical difficulties!

    The End? yea probably, I think it sucked.

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