Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 14:37:59 EDT
Subject: Part 2 of TFvsetc,etc

Here is part 2.  All spelling errors out I believe.

Transformers VS Voltron VS GI JOE VS Power Rangers

Part 2
By ShawnFett AKA Unitron AKA Shawn J. Wenger
Part 2 to the exciting series!!!!!!!(Hopefully the exciting series)  

	Our story now takes place almost ten weeks after Grimlock escaped.  He was
the only one to escape.  He didn't free anyone else because he was having too much 
fun smashing things.  But a previously horribly crushed enemy threatened our heroes.    
Grimlock was needed once more to win it again.  Sent by the Transformers, Wheelie & 
Swindle set out to find Grimlock and restore peace throughout the galaxy.

WHERE IT SHOULD BE!  Although Wheelie and Swindle will be going out to find Grimlock 
and will encounter people, although I WILL NOT DO A BUNCH OF Wheelie's rhymes, 
maybe every once and a while. 

	Wheelie and Swindle had just gotten out of the CD arena barely.  The CD 
security WAS hot on their trail, but they accidentally blew themselves up at a large propane 
tank.  Wheelie and Swindle were now just going through the darkest alleys following 
Grimlock's path of destruction.
	"To follow Grimlock's path of destruction, makes us do no deduction." rhymed Wheelie.
	"Shut up you worthless pile of trash." replied Swindle very tired.
	"Calling me names will give you no fame." replied Wheelie smugly.
	"Please stop rhyming then." said Swindle.
	As Wheelie and Swindle were walking Wheelie bumped into a very tall figure.
	Wheelie suddenly looked up and it was.........................The Big Show Paul Wight!!!	
	"Friend find don't look behind." said Wheelie very scared.
	 "You struck me you gay little robot!" said The Big Show as he looked over to 
	"Hey big guy easy!  I'll give you the kid and his gun if you don't harm me." said 
Swindle smiling.
	Swindle hoping.
	"Well alright then." said The Big Show smiling.
	Paul grabbed Wheelie by the neck, lifted him up, then choke slammed him into 
a dumpster.  Wheelie smashing right through the lid.
	Paul Wight then walked off appeased.
	"Get me out of the dumpster, so we can have more funster." said Wheelie, a 
rotting apple on his face.
	Swindle just walked off laughing.  Wheelie quickly followed him.

CD ARENA-CELL/Transformers

	"Well we might have been able to get out if you dumb Constructions hadn't 
destroyed Voltron and the Voltron Force!  And Tor, Green Ranger, and the Dragonzord!" 
yelled Kup angrily.
	"You want a piece of me old bot?" asked Bonecrusher.
	Kup began to run at Bonecrusher when Billy, Blue Ranger, stepped in between 
	"Come on guys, we need to form a plan, not fight amongst ourselves." said Billy.
	Bonecrusher and Kup then both punched Billy in the front and back of his head, 
Billy falling down unconscious.
	"Ok....How about we rush the guards in our next match?  They're pretty weak."
suggested Rodimus Prime.
	Everyone agreed to this idea.

STREETS-City/Wheelie & Swindle

	As Wheelie in his car mode, and Swindle in his jeep mode drove through the 
streets, they quickly followed Grimlock's path of destruction into a alley, where it suddenly 
stops.  Wheelie and Swindle quickly transform into their robot modes.
	"Where did the dumb robot go?" asked Swindle, to no one inperticular.
	"The trail is gone, and Grimlock is gone." said Wheelie.
	Just then six clay dogs jumped Wheelie, scratching his metal surface.
	Ten CD guards then came out of the shadows holding cattle prods.
	"Where do you think your going you trash can?" asked a guard.
	"Wanna make a deal?" asked Swindle.
	"Sure, what is it?" asked a guard.
	"You take the little robot here, and you pretend you never found me?  And.......I'll 
give you.......Oh I know.  Those cattle prods don't work.  You just get killed every time." 
said Swindle.
	"So?  You wanna give us this little robot and a laser gun?" asked a guard 
	"Yea!  Luckily I took Mixmaster's laser pistol." said Swindle smiling.
	Swindle then handed the guard Mixmaster's laser pistol.  The guard took it 
	"Ok boys, knock this bot out also." said the guard evilly.
	"Well.....I guess we'll have to do this the easy way." said Swindle.
	"Uh....Don't you mean hard way?" asked the guard in a scared voice.
	"No.........I drained the energy from the laser pistol earlier.  Its useless." said 
Swindle calmly.
	"You double crossed me!" yelled the guard.
	Swindle then raised the laser cannon on his arm at the guards, fired several 
quick laser bursts, and watched the guards splatter everywhere.
	Mixmaster's laser pistol falls softly to the ground.
	The dogs jump at Swindle, but Swindle knocks them into a wall with one quick 
	Wheelie quickly climbs to his feet.
	Swindle leans on a brick wall just resting for a little bit.  Then suddenly the wall 
began to collapse.  Swindle is sent flying into the wall on the other side.  Then Grimlock 
came out of the wall, looking at Wheelie.
	"Me Grimlock find friend!" roared Grimlock.
	Wheelie quickly ran up onto Grimlock's back, sitting on Grimlock's neck.
	"Lets go to the CD Arena, our friends need to be freeda." Wheelie tried to 
	"Me Grimlock munch metal at Arena!" replied Grimlock as he made his way 
back towards the arena.


	Mixmaster and Zak stepped into the ring.  At the same time Blaster and Keith 
walked into the ring, both teams in separate corners.  In the middle of the ring as referee 
was, Barney  the purple dinosaur.  Unfortunately filling in for Mills Lane as he is "in" the 
hospital.   And taking Jonny Gomez and Nick Diamond's spots are Ewan McGregor and 
Leum Neilson.  The letters pop up on the main screen:


	"Well Obi.....I mean Ewan it looks like a good fight.  May the Force be with
Blaster and Keith." said Leum.
	"No Leum, I think the Force is with Mixmaster and Zak.  My twenty bucks are on
Mixmaster and Zak also." replied Ewan.
	"Well the fight is starting.  And the reason I think Mixmaster and Zak will lose
because Mixmaster and Zak are evil and good, while Blaster and Keith are both good."
said Leum smugly.
	"Crack pot..." whispered Ewan.
	"Shut up before I snap you like a twig." replied Leum.
	"Oh look the fights starting!" Leum yelled, tears in his eyes at Ewan's remark.
	"Now, how about we don't fight and we just be friends?" asked Barney in his sick
demented voice.
	"Just start the match." Mixmaster said coldy.
	"As long as you don't hurt each other!" said Barney gaily.
	Then with a quick punch from Mixmaster, Barney was knocked out of the ring.
	"I want a nice blood....clean fight!  Go!" yelled Ewan.
	"Ewan....are you turning to the dark side again?"
	"No." said Ewan.
	"Now the rules are, folks, are that its only Transformer Vs Transformer and
human Vs human, that way no one gets seriously injured." said Leum.

	Keith and Zak walked into the middle of the ring, as Mixmaster and Blaster
stepped out of the ring.
	"Why fight, why don't we rush the guards?  We're both good guys." suggested
	"Well that is a good idea but the writer of this story doesn't want that to happen
yet." replied Keith.
	"Story?  What writer?" asked Zak confused.
	Keith then roundhouses Zak across the cheek, uppercuts his chin, then elbows
him in the face, which knocks him to the ground.
	As Zak rises, Keith kicks him in the gut a few times.  Then Keith grabs Zak by his
left arm, and slams him into a rope.
	With Zak's last strength, he slaps his hand as hard as he can on Mixmaster's
arm, hurting his hand.
	Mixmaster then grabbed Zak by the neck, threw him out the ring, and jumped
into the ring.
	At the same time Blaster jumped into the ring.
	"Your going down Decepticreep, I'm gonna make you weep!" rhymed Blaster.
	"Wanna bet Autoscrap?" asked Mixmaster
	Then both the robots charged at each other.
	Mixmaster punches at Blaster, but Blaster jumps back dodging the punch.
	With a quick kick to Mixmaster's gut from Blaster, Mixmaster falls back a few
	Barney then gets into the ring.  "Come on, lets just be friends!" suggested
	Blaster and Mixmaster looked at each other and nodded.  Mixmaster and
Blaster both grabbed Barney and threw him out of the ring.	
	DJ then handed Barney a steel chair as Mixmaster and Blaster were strangling
each other.
	"You'll.....lose...Autobot...." Mixmaster got out.
	Blaster then punched Mixmaster in the face a few times to make him stop
Mixmaster from strangling him.
	Barney, unnoticed by the two fighters in the ring, jumped into the ring and got up
behind Blaster.  With one quick swing, Barney slammed the chair into Blaster's back.
	Blaster threw Mixmaster to the ground and turned towards Barney.
	"That didn't hurt, but your going to be dirt!" rhymed Blaster in a threatening way.
	Miraculously Barney transformed into a evil purple dinosaur, looking like a real
T-Rex the size of a transformer.
	"By the Matrix...." whispered Blaster.
	Barney then slammed his new sharp teeth down on Blaster's left arm, clamping
them shut not letting go.  Piercing into his arm.
	"Ah!" yelled Blaster in pain.
	"Well looks like our special comeback episode is going nicely" said a familiar
	"That's correct Nick.  That's right fight fans!  Were back!" yelled Jonny
	Jonny and Nick quickly appeared, Nick Diamond behind Leum and Jonny
behind Ewan.
	Leum and Ewan quickly turn around, get up, pull their sabers, and ignite them..
	"Were the hosts now!  I need this job!" yelled Leum.
	Nick and Jonny each punched the person in front of them, sending them flying
from the high booth to the ground.
	"What a bunch of wimps." stated Nick.
	"You sure said it Nick." said Jonny.
	Jonny and Nick sit back in their chairs.
	"Well fight fans, you thought we were dead, but where do you think CD's money
went to?  Rebuilding our bodies!  And this special comeback episode!  Now lets watch
Barney tear up these two Transformers."

	Blaster quickly ejected out of  his chest: Ramhorn, Steeljaw, Eject, and Rewind.
	Baby Bop and DJ both jumped into the ring, both looking as evil as Barney and
being the same height..  Bop's slobber covered blanket was now wrapped around
Blaster's neck, the slobber short circuiting Blaster.
	Rewind and Eject both fired three blasts from their laser pistols into Baby Bop's
gut.  Baby Bop fell over, the blanket falling to the ground.
	DJ then slammed into the backs of Rewind and Eject sending them flying threw
the air out of the ring.
	Ramhorn, in rhinoceros mode, slammed into DJ's butt, knocking him out of the
	Steeljaw fired two blasts from its side into Barney's chest, Barney's grip
	Blaster used this to his advantage, punching Barney repedeately with his good
	Barney suddenly snapped back into consciousness and caught Blaster's hand
in his mouth, slamming his teeth into it.  Then with all his strength pulled his head far 
back, ripping Blaster's hand off.  
	Baby Bop jumped back into the ring.  She charged at Ramhorn, with her horns
she pierced through Ramhorn's body, knocking him out of the ring.  Ramhorn didn't move.
	Eject and Rewind fired several blasts at Baby Bop's back, Bop's back
exploding in small explosions.  Baby Bop fell to the ring dead.
	Barney grabs Blaster by the neck and throws him out of the ring, Blaster almost
completely scrapped.
	Eject and Rewind then fired a few rapid blasts at Barney's underbelly, with no
real effect.
	Barney looked at Eject, and fired four, red heart shaped lasers from his eyes
into Eject's chest, blowing Eject into small pieces.
	Rewind fired a few blasts into Barney's chest, again with no real effect.
	As Barney was about to blast Rewind, Steeljaw fired a five blasts into Barney's
back, and clamped his teeth shut on Barney's back.
	Barney roared in pain.
	DJ climbed into the ring behind Rewind, took aim, and fired two missiles from
his mouth at Rewind's back.
	Rewind jumped to the ground, the missiles slamming into Barney's gut, blowing
it wide open.
	"ARGH!" screamed Barney.
	Rewind fired several quick blasts from his laser pistol into DJ's chest, DJ falling
to the ground internally damaged.
	Barney was barely able to stand up.  Rewind fired six more blasts into Barney's
wound on his gut, the insides of Barney's gut being blown apart.
	Barney then flipped in the air, landing on Rewind, Steeljaw and Rewind hitting
each other.  Steeljaw then went unconscious and released his grip.
	Barney then moved over towards Mixmaster.
	"Yeah right you dumb dinosaur.  Like you can beat me!" yelled Mixmaster.
	Mixmaster reached for his laser pistol but didn't feel it.  He looked down at
where he usually keeps it, the laser pistol not their.
	Mixmaster then looked at Barney, who was using his last amount of energy to
charge for a blast against Mixmaster.
	"Uh oh....." Mixmaster silently said.
	Barney fired a large laser blast from his mouth, the blast slamming into
Mixmaster's chest.  Mixmaster in a few flashing colors blew up into a few hundred small
	Barney then collapsed on the ring.

	"Wow....That was...Just beautiful." said Jonny, tears in his eyes.  
	"You said it Jonny, what an awesome fight!" yelled Nick.
	"Now for our second match.  The Voltron Force VS Zak and Jason in a
lumberjack match!" said Jonny happily.  
	"Now folks, a lumberjack match is the two fighters, Zak and Jason, fight each
other if they want, while the people outside the ring, the Voltron Force, try to get in the 
ring and beat the people in the ring up." said Nick, taking a deep breath.
	Zak already being in the ring, watched as Jason got in the ring.  The Voltron
Force was quickly surrounding the ring.
	"We should just fight the Voltron Force, I wouldn't want to have to hurt you really
bad." said Jason.
	"Heh, you couldn't beat me up you wimp." said Zak.
	"You wanna bet you little nerd?" asked Jason.
	"Yes, but  actually Billy is the nerd." replied Zak.
	Jason quickly roundhouses Zak, punches him in the gut, and grabs by the ears,
pulling him up to his knee.  Jason repedeatly knees Zak in the face.
	Kieth jumps into the ring.  He runs up behind Jason, and sweeps Jason's legs. 
Jason falls on his back, letting go of Zak.
	The rest of the Voltron Force hops into the ring.  Lance runs up behind Zak and
starts pummeling the back of Zak's head.
	Jason gets a quick jab into Keith's side.  Jason then put his hands together and
slammed them into Keith's stomach.  Keith stumbled back, grabbing his stomach bent
	Jason then slams his fist down on Keith's head, Keith falling to the ground
	Hunk slams his huge legs into the back of Jason's knee. 
	Jason falls to the ground screaming in pain.
	Zak with almost his last effort slams his foot onto Lance's foot, Lance yelping in
	Zak using this to his advantage, sends a hard punch into Lance's gut.
	Pidge quickly jumped on Zak's back, Pidge's teeth piercing into Zak's left ear.
	"Ah!  My ear!" yelled Zak in pain.
	Pidge hops off Zak's back.
	Lance dropkicks Zak's chest, Zak falling to his back.
                     Jason now flings Keith onto his back.  Jason roundhouses Hunk, with not much
of an effect except making Hunk stumble back and get angrier.
	Hunk grabs Jason by the throat and lifts him off the ground, and quickly slams
him against the floor of the ring.
	The bell goes off.
	"What a awesome fight Nick." said Jonny excitedly.
	"Yes, just exciting." replied Nick.
	"Now our last fight should be startin-" Nick was about to say but was interrupted
by Grimlock smashing through the entrance, crushing CD guards and fans, Wheelie on
Grimlock's back.
	"Ah, our last match is almost ready, one of our opponents has arrived." said
Jonny happily.
	"Me Grimlock munch clay!" roared Grimlock.
	"Well son, not until we have ourselves a rematch." yelled a popular voice, the
voice belonging to Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!
	"That's correct fight fans, Austin is back and deadlier than ever!" yelled Jonny.
	Grimlock let Wheelie off his back and climbed into the ring, which began
extending, making the ring five times its normal size.
	At the same time Austin gets in the ring.
	Grimlock began laughing as he saw Mills Lane walk into the ring.
	"Shut up you overgrown lizard." mumbled Mills Lane.
	"Now I want a nice clean fight, no drinking in between fights.  Now lets get it on!"
yelled Mills Lane.
	"Me Grimlock crush skin head." roared Grimlock.
	Austin suddenly transformed into a robot that looked exactly like his regular self,
only the same size as Grimlock.
	"I don't think so you little reptile." said Austin.
	Steve then kicked Grimlock in the underbelly.  He then grabbed Grimlock by the
neck and turned around without losing his grip.  Then Steve did the Stone Cold Stunner on
Grimlock, Grimlock half unconscious falls to the ground.
	"You get him Steve!" yells Nick.
	Steve then gets on a turnbuckle, jumps in the air, and lands on Grimlock.
	Steve then gets to his feet, and slams his foot into Grimlock's side repedeately.
	Grimlock then transformed into his robot mode, catches Austin's foot, and flung
Steve Austin on his back.
	Grimlock slowly climbed to his feet.
	Grimlock grabbed Steve by the shoulders, and threw him at the turnbuckle
which Austin hit hard with a loud clang.  Grimlock charges at Austin, but his face is met with
Austin's foot, sending Grimlock back several feet.
	Austin slammed his shoulder into Grimlock's chest, knocking Grimlock out of the
	Austin quickly hopped out of the ring and walked over to Grimlock.  As Steve
punched at Austin's face, Grimlock transformed into his T-Rex and caught Austin's fist in his
mouth.  Grimlock closed his mouth, clamping his jaws tight, shaking his head violently,
tearing apart Steve's hand.
	Steve slammed his free hand onto Grimlock's head, then slammed his foot into
Grimlock's knee.  Grimlock opened his mouth, freeing Austin's hand, yelling in pain.
	Austin then slammed both his fists into Grimlock's head, then kneed Grimlock in
the gut.
	Grimlock fell on his back and then fired a burst of flames into Austin's face.
	"Ahhh!" Austin yelled, the flames spreading all over his body, the alcohol all
over him catching on fire.
	Grimlock then kicked Austin in the gut, sending Austin flying back on his head.
	Austin then suddenly exploded in a very large fireball.
	"Oh no, not again!  No!" screamed Nick, terror in his eyes.
	"That's it reptile, your going down." yelled Mills Lane, the fire reflecting off of his
bald head.
	"Me Grimlock crush little man again!" roared Grimlock.
	Then suddenly, like SC Steve Austin, Lane transformed into a huge robot.
	Mills Lane then slammed his fist into Grimlock's chest.
	Then Mills grabbed Grimlock's neck and flung Grimlock on his back.
	Mills Lane then walked over to Grimlock, and started kicking Grimlock's chest.	
	Grimlock slammed his tail in between Mills legs.
	Mills quickly twirled around, back facing Grimlock, and bending over in pain.
	Grimlock then sent a large burst of flames into Mills butt, Mills running forward in
pain, slamming into a turnbuckle.  Mills then fell to the ground unconscious, still on fire.
	"Me Grimlock smash!  Me Grimlock crush!" Grimlock then headed for the tall
booth where Jonny and Nick were.
	"This time your going down darn lizard!" yelled Jonny in a rage.
	Jonny and Nick then jumped out of the ring at the same time and then
connected, forming a large robot, as big as Devastator, that had a mix between Jonny and
Nick's face, and was wearing their suit (Each of them having the same suit except for size).
	"We are, Mega Announcer!" yelled the combined robots.
	"Me Grimlock crush annoying announcers!" roared Grimlock.
	Mega Announcer quickly pulled out a microphone with a chord at the end, he
then twirled it in the air and flung it at Grimlock, the microphone wrapping around Grimlock's
	Mega Announcer sent a very large amount of electricity into Grimlock, making
Grimlock bounce around a lot.
	Grimlock then fired a burst of flames at the chord, burning the chord off.
	Grimlock then roared extremely loud, the arena shaking from the roar.
	Grimlock then slammed headfirst into Mega Announcer's gut, knocking Mega
Announcer on his back.
	As Mega Announcer sat up, Grimlock bit hard into Mega Announcer's neck,
ripping into it.  Electricity exploding out of Mega Announcer's neck.
	Mega Announcer grabbed Grimlock's neck, and threw him into the side of the
arena, crushing many fans and leaving a large dent in the side of the wall.
	Grimlock then sent a powerful blast of fire into Mega Announcer's neck,
decapitating Mega Announcer.  Mega Announcer fell with a loud clang to the ground,
exploding in a series of large explosions, the explosion hitting a very large pillar, one of
two that are helping hold the arena up.  The explosion also hits a control station, setting all
the prisoners free, and reactivating their weapons.
	All the prisoners took aim and blew a large hole in the side of the ring and
rushed out of the arena and ran for safety as the arena collapsed on itself, making one
large explosion that killed all of GI Joe.


In the computer voice that says: "More than meets the eye." the voice says on the TV: 
"Good fight, good night." once more.

THE END OF Part 2 of the 3 series. Now I just have to figure out how to wrap it all up, seeing how there is no longer a arena, it will probably just be a Autobot VS Decepticon battle.

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