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Single-parts (Complete)

Battle for Arus by Aza

Cross of Heat by Lewis Smith (Shadophnix)

Magic War by Labarith

Mindgames by Suzanne Ferree

The Sound and the Fury by Mike Bisbee (aka Star Sabre) (IMO, a *very* good Fanfic involving Soundwave.)

Transformers: The Lost Episode by Jen Kerner (NEW upload as of 6/13/04)

TFs vs. Sailor Moon by Ron Keating and Justin Tucker


Chronicles of Brawn by Nigel Tristan Bradley (complete) (NEW! upload as of 1/13/04)
Connections of Steel by Suzanne M. Ferree (part 1) (part 2): (complete)
Final Peace by Shalott: (incomplete)
Lord of the Flies starring the Transformers by David Filip: (complete)
Silvaria: (incomplete) (only has part 1 uploaded) (NEW! upload as of 1/07/04)
TFs vs Voltron vs GI Joe vs The Power Rangers by Shawnfett: (incomplete) Now with part 2!
Twins and Tales by Suzanne Ferree: (incomplete)
War World by Brian Trester: (incomplete, but now spell-checked)


Jacob Milnestein's trilogy of Prosthesis/Gnosis/Apotheosis: (all three complete, author debating a sequel/4th part)

the first three in The Nixtr's Deformers Series (complete, the only thread between the stories are that sometimes the same characters reappear in later stories; 'Deformers, the Series' 'Leave it to Nightnerd' 'Claster Blues'--the latter of which is now up in an Unzipped form)

By Character

This is a little experiment of mine: an attempt at a sorted listing of all the appearances in fanfics by select underappreciated TF characters. It mentions appearances & in most cases, it offers a link to the page holding the fanfic. Now this section has its own web section, Gallery of Obscure Decepticons (containing entries for Chopshop, Mindwipe, Squawktalk, and my fan character Flamethrower.).

I also have maps for a few select Transformer MUSHes, including recent Decepticon Dominion maps.

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