Chopshop in TF Fanfics

Insecticons rarely gain fanfic appearances and Deluxe Insecticons such as Chopshop never appeared in the comic or cartoon. Their only official portrayals were within the tech specs that came with their toys. However, unlike most other Deluxe Insecticons, this thief is blessed with a creative tech spec. Such a rare piece of writing has inspired some rather unforgetable moments, especially for a character who is virtually invisable to the official cannon.

Fanfics w/ him as a Main Character

Insecticons parts 1-6 (done) by Harith Jameel Alkhafiz
(zipped at Vulcana's WWW page) (unzipped at Primacron's page)
Rise of the Morning Star parts 16-29 (He appears in most of those parts. Incomplete) by ZacWilliam
(I don't know if this is on a web page, but it was posted to a.t.t.f.)

Other Major Appearances and Significant Cameos

Misc. Chopshop Appearances

Fanfics I haven't read yet where Chopshop appears are the following:

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