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Mindwipe in TF Fanfics

Mindwipe (aka Wipe in Japan) is a purple Decepticon Headmaster who is my second favorite Decepticon. Often Transformer Fanfics either completely ignore him or use him as background filler. Because of this common annoyance, I decided to make a list of some of the Fanfics where I think the author has done a good or great job giving Mindwipe a decent part in a TF Fanfic.

There *are* other Fanfics that have Mindwipe in them, but I either haven't read them or the Fanfic doesn't have any/enough personality for Mindwipe.

Those Fanfics w/ an asterix by them are some of my favorite Fanfics.

Fanfics w/ him as a Main Character

Against the Autobot Empire parts 2 and 3* (tbc) by Malin Huffman
(zipped at Vulcana's WWW page)
Gnosis (done) by Jacob Milnestein
(text on this page)

Immortal Coils (done) by MaryAnn "Springer" Colrud
(text at Charlotte's WWW page)

Operation: Mind Wipe (done) by Sam Myers
(zipped at Vulcana's page)

Prothesis (done) by Jacob Milnestein
(text on this page)

Fanfics w/ characterization for him in at least 1 part

"Heptachromicon part 2" (done) by Joona Palaste
(text at Joona's WWW page)

"Andraxus part 4?" by Belinda Kelly

Other Major Appearances

Top 10 Ways for Mindwipe to Become More Famous by Suzanne M. Ferree
(text at Iggy's WWW page)

Significant Cameos

Apothesis (done) by Jacob Milnestein
(text on this page)

The Autobot Way (done) by David Willis

Manifestation of Fear (part 1) (done) by Ben Thomas
(text on his WWW page)

Misc. Mindwipe Appearances

Fanfics I haven't read yet where Mindwipe appears are the following:

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