Squawktalk in TF Fanfics

Squawktalk is a little light blue Decepticon tape, who was released in the fifth year of toys (ie. he was in the last wave of Soundwave's tapes). Although he's not one of my favorites, I find him to be rather entertaining as comedy relief. Since he wasn't in the TF cartoon, he's obviously well-deserved for the title of an obscure character. That's why this is a short list.

In fact, he's such an obscure character that I honestly doubt there'll ever be a fanfic w/ him as a main character. However, I have a few fanfics I've written w/ him in it (but I haven't finished or uploaded them yet). That's why I figured I'd point out efforts where other people have tried to use the much-overlooked 'con tape.

Fanfics w/ characterization for him in at least 1 part

Heptachromicon (prologue) by Joona Palaste
(text at Joona's WWW page)

Fanfics where he's at least mentioned

Allegiance by Griffin
(text at Griffin's page)
Play with Me by Sidney Hill
(text at Optimus/Iggy's Transformer page)
The Perfect Empire by Martin McVay
(text at the UK Story Archives--look under the 1994-1996 section for TF:CG2 no. 17)
The Fall of Vector Sigma by Eric Cline (part 1)
(text at Eric Cline's Transformer Page)
epilogue of The Final Battle? by Martin McVay
(text at the UK Story Archives--look under "Alternate Universe One")

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