Tech Specs for Flamethrower

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Name: Flamethrower
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Inquisitor
"One pawn can cause the enemy king to be exposed to his destruction."

In an effort to learn secrets and weaknesses of enemy Autobots, Flamethrower listens to tales such as Decepticon rumors and bragging sessions. She's a fairly serious individual who believes fighting to be a responsibility of being a Decepticon, rather than a means to gain personal advancement. She believes that logic and information from sources such as Scouts will ultimately uncover the cracks that the military troops can then use to destroy the Autobots or any other enemy. Shockwave holds the only true power behind her loyalty. She tries to act emotionless, but often fails in that regard. She resents Vector Sigma because she believes it rewrote her personality from the ideal emotionless one that her designer envisioned. Her gun fires 3 types of ammunition, which she must manually switch to change between them: fire, water, and a standard laser type weapon. Of the three types, water is a carefully rationed resource.

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